The New Missive Order

April 04, 2019

Why am I moving my blog?

I wanted a workflow where I could write anywhere and easily transfer it to the web page.

In order to write anywhere, I needed some tooling that would easily export from any text editor. I chose Markdown for this. I learned about it as I started to write open source software (OSS). The README file was my introduction. It's simple. The most basic of text editing. It removes the distractions. It also is easily transferable from any text editor. This means I could write to myself in an email and copy-paste. I could use my laptop or my phone. The step of turning markdown into html is later in this post.

I wanted more control over revenue generation.

Medium does have a partner program, but it's 1 model. After seeing various models across the web from developers that have focused their efforts on OSS, I wanted to experiment with them myself to see what worked. Medium does have a revenue model that is tied to subscribing members. I don't necessarily want my readers to have to subscribe as part of my revenue model. Subscriptions are a sustainable model and everyone would prefer the steady revenue. Some readers are transactional and I want to acknowledge that.

I wanted to show my development skills with others.

I tell people I do Software-As-A-Hobby. My current day job is a mix of product and project management responsibilities. I do enjoy actually writing software though. Moving this blog allows me to discuss the code I've written in order make this a reality. In particular. I wanted a very simple way of writing a markdown blog and converting it to HTML. Enter Missive. Missive is a command-line tool I wrote in Swift so that I can write my blog posts in markdown and publish an HTML page that I can tweak. The library is a wrapper around the Vapor Markdown Library. Most of the heavy lifting was around writing a command-line tool. It's not feature complete in any way, but it's the start of one of the items in my toolbox of libraries and command-line tools I've been creating to help with my development workflow.

What's next?

As I make the transition from Medium, I also began to think through future content. I am going to try and treat my writing process like that of a product manager and understand what readers are looking for and developing a backlog that my users would be interested in. How I've chosen to solve development problems. Articles, books, and podcasts that I find interesting. People that I enjoy following on social media.

How to find me?